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1 x 3M 500ml Body Guard Aerosol 08158

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Anti-chip coatings are used to protect vulnerable, painted parts of the vehicle such as sills, wings, wheel arches and valances.

Most body corrosion results from stone chips to susceptible exposed paintwork. Stone chips can penetrate the paint and underlying protective coatings to allow corrosion to eat into the substrate from the surface. 3M supply rubberised anti-chip coatings with a wide range of finishes. All are overpaintable, flexible, fast drying and weather, stone chip and corrosion resistant.

Featuring the same benefits as Spray Shutz coating, the Body Guard Aerosol has the added benefit of reproducing the flat finish that is so popular.

-Excellent stone chip resistance
-Quick drying
-Coating becomes tack free in 10-15 minutes.
-Can be painted with air drying and low bake paints after two hours drying at normal temperature.
-The application of a primer is recommended.

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