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1 x 1 Litre Mipa Vicrom
A special metallic effect similar with polished aluminium. Recommended for wheel rims, trims (skirting) and other decorative parts. Suitable also for complete respray of cars and motocycles, or for spot repairs.
** Undercoat: 2K Gloss Black Or Gloss White **
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Mipa Vicrom Basecoat
Processing conditions: Do not apply below +10 °C and up to 75% relative air humidity.
- Not suitable for direct application to old thermoplastic coats.
- Do not sand the substrate before the application of Mipa Vicrom.
- Polish the incompletely painted areas.
- Overcoat within 4 days.
- Ensure to dry the undercoat lacquer at least 8 h at 20 °C or 30 min at 60 °C.
- Force drying is recommended for larger areas.
- Mipa Vicrom forms a stable material, but to insure a homogenous mixture after longer storage time, good agitation before use is recommended.

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