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1 x 5 Litres Gerko Aquamaster
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** For water-based paints. **
The product is recommended for automotive repairs and all sectors where water-based paints are used. It provides an excellent covering power, high efficiency, reduced spraying and rapid drying.
Mixing ratio by volume:
100 parts: Waterbased paint 50 parts Aquamaster
1.Mix colour to manufacturer’s directions. (DO NOT ADD ANY MANUFACTURERS REDUCER/THINNER)
2.Stir paint well before adding Aquamaster.
3. Add Aquamaster to required percentage
4.Strain mixture through appropriate filter if not using 3M PPS system or equivalent products.
5.For better control with application it is recommended that you close down your needle setting to zero and turn out “two complete” turns but no more. This setting will give the required amount when applying paint to surface.
6.Apply paint at between 1.5 to 1.8 Bar pressure at a distance of between approximately
10 to 12 cm from surface.
7.Spray one light support coat over repaired area which may be primed and allow to dry.
8.Apply two uniform coats allowing drying time between coats,“DO NOT APPLY TO WET”.
Blend paint edge of painted area if required. (In most cases this will not be necessary).
9.There are no reasons to change your current preparation methods prior to painting.


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