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1 x 5 Litre Car Plan Tetroseal Wax / Oil Rustproofing
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TETROSEAL WAX OIL SPRAY DESCRIPTION Tetroseal Wax Oil Spray is a heavy duty rust preventative based on a blend of waxes, corrosion inhibitors and de-watering agent in a hydrocarbon solvent. The product is designed to provide total rust protection for automotivevehicles and other equipment and machinery exposed to outdoor weather conditions.
•Kills existing rust and prevents further corrosion•Easy to apply aerosol
•Displaces water from metal surfaces and vehicle crevices
•Forms a flexible heat resistant film which will not re-run on the inside of panels
•Extends life of vehicle and helps maintain value
•Helps sustain vehicle safety by protecting vital
support structures (chassis, suspension mounts etc)
•Silicone free for use in vehicle body shops
•Compatible with material used in O.E. manufacturer
Automotive:Protects car underbody, box sections, wheel arches etc. Can also be used towaterproof ignition system (i.e. distributor cap, leads etc.) to help starting in cold dampwinter conditions.
Agricultural: Protects tractors, ploughs and other types of farm machinery.Caravans, Boats & Trailers:Protects chassis, suspension, brake linkages, winches, pivots etc.Home & Garden:Protects garden tools, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, door hinges, gates & other iron.
•Shake the aerosol can thoroughly before use and then fit extension tube provided.
•Where possible when treating box sections, cavities etc. apply the product through existing holes inbodywork and under-pan. When treating larger areas spray at a distance of approx. 30cm.
•After spraying, clean valve by inverting can and pressing actuator button until clear

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