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1 x Anest Iwata AZ3 HTE2 Gravity Spray Gun
Fluid Tip: 1.3
The Anest Iwata AZ3 HTE2 Gravity Spray Gun, part of the AirGunsa line, perfectly meets your spray painting requirements in industrial and body shop sectors. The gun itself is light weight, and has a well balanced body, the smooth polished surface makes it easier to clean, and the trigger and ergonomic grip shape relieve stress on painting. The gun head is 20-50g lighter than previous models and the new air flow valve has increased control precision. This gun includes enhanced AKULON cup and improved paint cup with multi-thread construction. AirGunsa have added a pressure assisted paint cup system to the high viscosity paint application range. All guns in the AirGunsa line are great value for money, very reliable and have excellent atomization quality.
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