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At Bodicraft Supplies we offer a digital colour matching service. 
We use the latest and most high tech colour cameras, known as Spectrometers. 
If you need to get the colour matched on your vehicle we can help, if you can bring the vehicle to us we can match it or part of the vehicle you want matched. 
We believe that to offer the best service the client needs to be present at time of the Spectro match. Please note items can be left but at owners risk. No responsibility can be accepted if item is damaged. 
We can also match any other colour you need. 
No booking required. 
Free Service. 
Once we've matched the colour you need we can make the paint for you. 
Touch Up Kits 
400ml Waterbase Aerosol 
500ml Tin 
1 Litre Tin 
2.5 Litre Tin 
5 Litre Tin 
How long does it take to get a colour matched and paint made up in the quantity I need? 
To get a colour matched and paint made up takes 5 - 10 minutes. 
What colours have we matched? 
Car Colours 
Motorbike Colours 
Tractor Colours 
Campervan Colours 
Van / Truck Colours 
Wheel Colours 
Furniture Colours 
Window Frame Colours 
Engine Colours 
Can you match the colour my vehicle if I bring it the shop? 
Yes we can match the colour of your car, if you bring the vehicle to us as all of our spectrometers are wireless. 
What size does the sample I want matched have to be? 
If you need a colour sample matched the size has to be a minimum of 10cm x 10cm and has to be flat. 
Do I need to book a time to get a colour matched? 
No, you don't need to book a time to get a colour matched. We can do a colour match for you at anytime of the day. 
What time(s) can I get a colour matched? 
8am - 5pm (Mon-Fri) 
8am - 12pm (Sat) 
We accept 
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